Day 036: The Finger Says It All!

Day 036: The Finger Says It All! So the past week or so I had Facebook deactivated. Everytime I logged on it was full of people moaning… Refugees aren’t welcome, it’s raining, the kids are driving people mad… The usual bullshit etc etc etc. However… I realised something since my last post, now I know …

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Day 035: Children In Need

Day 035: Children In Need – Yesterday was a jam packed day! I woke up feeling a little shit. The last couple of days my nose has been running a bit. When I woke up yesterday I could feel my nose being a little congested. I had plans to help Lauren out at her workplace …

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Day 034: Pretty Muddy 5K

So one of the photographers got back to me the other day with the images he had of me and Joe from the mud run. Here they are people, there aren’t many but I’m hoping the other photographer will have more. Naturally I’m Captain America, number 62 and Joe, Lauren’s partner is number 61! There …

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Day 033: St Giles Mud Run Challenge!

Day 033: St Giles Mud Run Challenge. Today was the day of the charity run I signed up,  the St Giles Hospice 5k Muddy Assault Course. Lauren was a marshall and helps the charity out alot at events and she brought this to my attention a while ago. I was told Joe, her chap, was …

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Day 032: Bitch Shopping Day!

Day 032: Bitch Shopping Day! I made a decision to delete Facebook messenger the other day! It was the best decision ever! I can no longer view Facebook messages unless I use am actual browser, it’s great! I no longer have to put up with constant stupid chain mail, spam mail, messages from morons. My …

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Day 031: Car Park Nap

Day 031: Car Park Nap – It’s been a long day today. I did a 10 hour night shift on quality control which sucked! I was practically stood on the spot all night aside from my breaks, in a Chill section, it was more cold there than running around the freezer. Then once I finished …

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Day 030: Family Celebrations

I know it’s been a while but since the last post things went a little weird in life. So here is a little catch up on what’s been happening now my head is back in place. Since my dad passed, my feelings have been a little up and down but mostly I’ve felt angry. Some …

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St Giles Mud Run 2015

So I figured I’d post my Just Giving fundraising page here aswell as I know I have some amazing followers. I’m taking part in the St Giles 5k Mud Run on the 11the October. I’m also doing it dressed as Captain America! Those that follow my blog or know me will know I’ve had to …

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Day 029: What A Week!

Day 029: What A Week… This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind. It’s been just over a week since my name day and a week since the barbecue. The barbecue was good! It was only a little turn out but I think it made it nicer as we all got to sit …

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Day 028: Happy Name Day!

Day 028: Happy Name Day… It’s that time of the year again… It’s my name day… If your not an old time geek then the more common term is it’s my birthday! Today I turned 28, 28 years of wandering through life. I initially had no plans for the day until yesterday. I agreed to …

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